St. Johns

St. Johns

St. Johns

St. Johns

April 5, 2024

Limited Space Remaining!

Tickets are sold out!

Bunny Hop IS BACK! Come together with thousands across Canada to let loose and celebrate a night of friendship.

Gather your crew, plan your signature Bunny Hop outfit and see what all the hype is about! BUNNY HOP IS ON THE WAY TO TAKE OVER St. Johns!

St. Johns, NL

Friday, April 5, 2024

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Tickets GO ON SALE

Feb 28, 2024 2:00 PM

Tickets are on sale!

Limited Remaining!

Tickets are sold out!

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T-Shirt pickup

Final T-Shirt pickup

Date: Apr 05, 2024
Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Location: Rockhouse

Time: Coming Soon!

Location: Coming Soon!

Date: Coming Soon!

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Until Bunny Hop St. Johns 2024


Coming soon!

Konfusion Bar
The Martini Bar
Rock House Pub
Rob Roy
Trinity Pub


Team Captains Coming soon!

Team 1 - Harley Crant, Joy Northcotte, Deanna John, Yolios Bazi
Team 2 - Mackenzie Osmond, Hailey Babb, Paige Fleming, Shannon Lacey
Team 3 - Laura MacInnis, Sarah Mahon, Brittney Haas, Kathleen Spurrell
Team 4 - Scott Hynes, Fares Ramlawi, Josh Matthews, Riley Best
Team 5 - James Marsh, Matthew Barrett, Riley Ellsworth, Tyler Gillam
Team 6 - Emilie Shea, Kelsey Payne, Brianna Reardon, Damian Freeke


Coming Soon!

Konfusion Bar: Swdish Berry - $4.25, Pornstar - $4.25
The Martini Bar: 3 for $10 - $10
Rock House Pub: Jagermiester - $4.50, 2 Burt Reynolds - $8.00
Rob Roy: Burt Reynolds - $4.25, Whiskey - $4.25
Girls wearing bunny ears at Bunny Hop
Two Girls Posing for Camera at Bunny Hop
Crowd shot
Drinking at Bunny Hop
Girl wearing Bunny Costume in front of a crowd
Group toasting at Bunny Hop
Posing wearing Bunny Hop Shirt
Body Shot
Crowd having fun at Bunny Hop
Riding the bunny costume


good vibes, bad decisions

Group of friends having fun at Bunny Hop
Marking off Tasks
Marking off Tasks
Pointing to the Camera
Friends posing at Bunny Hop
Friends hugging at Bunny Hop
Group of friends at Bunny Hop
Friends posing for the camera